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S(explicit) for sale on Amazon too. Come again.

And on Amazon the entire album is deemed “explicit”. I am honoured. But I am not blushing:

Here’s the text to the one S(explicit) song we have. We kept it neat I think.

Give me what I want
and when I please.
Fuck you for mentioning
that I say my w’s like v’s.
I just want a triple shot.
And I want you on your knees.
Get on your knees.
I read my news out loud,
don’t care what you do.
Play these 5 chords for hours
-when did you leave the room?
Won’t take that call past 8
and probably not before.
To hell with all this othering,
don’t want it anymore
I’ll stay awake and tak and take (and take)
until I crash and burn.
You’ll whisper something
… I won’t hear
I just want you naked now,
so close your eyes and listen to me,
listen to me
I’ll take you where and how
and when and as I please .
And know there’s no one except for you
more selfish than me.

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