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At the izakaya named Oysy (oh-ee-she), the song “Selfish” found its setting. And deep fried rock shrimp.

Of course it did. Indulgence is this track’s pivotal drive, its focus point, after all. And Oysy (japanese for “delicious”) delivers just that. Right there on the plates next to their mouth-watering food. If the above product deserves any merit is entirely up to the distinguished listener/spectator. But frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Give me what I want
And when I please.
Fuck you for mentioning
That I say my “w”s like “v”s.

I just want a triple shot
And I want you on your knees.
Get on your knees.

I read my news out loud,
Don’t care what you do.
Play these 5 chords for hours
-when did you leave the room?

Won’t take that call past 8
And probably not before.
To hell with all this othering,
Don’t want it anymore

I’ll stay awake and take and take (and take)
Until I crash and burn.
You’ll whisper something
… I won’t hear

I just want you naked now,
So close your eyes and listen to me.
Listen to me:

I’ll take you where and how
And when and as I please.
And know there’s no one except for you
More selfish than me.

© 2010 th(is)how
all rights reserved

And now approachable at gogoyoko too.

That is an icelandic based service for your ears. What makes them different is the fact that artists can actually choose to donate revenue of their sales to charity. Since I couldn’t find a charity supporting the arts or a “go-pirate-Britney-you-moronic-freeloader” organisation, I decided to let 100% of the income on one song go to doctors-without-borders (visually/fantasy-wise that organisations name has always tickled my curiosity. But then again I have a dirty mind … )

Which song have I chosen to give away for a good cause you ask? Well, “Selfish” of course, duh. So go ahead. Buy it. Is there a nurse in the audience?

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