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The best kept secret in Alternative Indie Nincom-pop Postrock is everywhere: “S” is available for your listening pleasure on Spotify


And Spotify has opened in Denmark as of today too. Congrats. Of course you can click the logo to listen and/or buy “S” there too.

Go ahead. Click. Enjoy.


Now available on iTunes for your listening pleasure. You’re welcome

S - Th(Is)How

“Rich on cinematic effect, layered with aural surprises, this narrative piece of program-music disguised as postpop/postrock beckons you to decode its heart and soul, blood and bones. This is how it feels to be lost by design and still safe. Somewhat.”

It’s been in the making for a while but now it’s happening: the baby is out and one can finally approach new sonic shores. It’ll hit iTunes shortly, but CDbaby has it on the shelves already.

  Go buy it. Reviews are welcome.

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