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S(explicit) for sale on Amazon too. Come again.

And on Amazon the entire album is deemed “explicit”. I am honoured. But I am not blushing:

Here’s the text to the one S(explicit) song we have. We kept it neat I think.

Give me what I want
and when I please.
Fuck you for mentioning
that I say my w’s like v’s.
I just want a triple shot.
And I want you on your knees.
Get on your knees.
I read my news out loud,
don’t care what you do.
Play these 5 chords for hours
-when did you leave the room?
Won’t take that call past 8
and probably not before.
To hell with all this othering,
don’t want it anymore
I’ll stay awake and tak and take (and take)
until I crash and burn.
You’ll whisper something
… I won’t hear
I just want you naked now,
so close your eyes and listen to me,
listen to me
I’ll take you where and how
and when and as I please .
And know there’s no one except for you
more selfish than me.

RELEASE!             The debut album “S” is finally out

“Rich on cinematic effect, layered with aural surprises, this narrative piece of program-music disguised as postpop/postrock beckons you to decode its heart and soul, blood and bones. This is how it feels to be lost by design and still safe. Somewhat.”

It’s been in the making for a while but now it’s happening: the baby is out and one can finally approach new sonic shores. It’ll hit iTunes shortly, but CDbaby has it on the shelves already.

 Go buy it. Reviews are welcome.








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