trembling obedience
sultry and grimed
we try
candid devotion
in this black heat
we die

brush, subtle traces
the unexpected
stroke by stroke
created memories
created in flesh
one by one

sweetest plague
resistance grows hard
in this, the newly bought and broken
the hellish gray fades

one thousand and second coming
i’ll forget everything
lovers vow to die
in white hot unison

naked, insatiable beauty
doomed only to bliss
like a novel, badly translated
shifting in shackles and lace

these created memories
created in flesh
one by one

dieses Lied täuscht vor ein Traum zu sein
biss er wirklich wird
und alles andere wird Bedeutungslos

– – –

footage collected at o’hare en route between homes and at the ARTIC, which is too crowded with art to fully appreciate the building interior. inside her you see her teeth, her bones, her heart as she–my muse, my collaborator, my lyricist, my canvas–spins for me in the computed tomography scan. rainer maria kindly supplied a few lines, not only to juxtapose my own german stanza but also because . . . you know


© 2010 th(is)how
all rights reserved

Northwestern Memorial Hospital et al

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